we design new experiences

what we do

We create custom experiences, designing every detail for you.

3D Graphics

Modeling and surfacing the element we need for our project is a key skill of our workflow. We use it in order to fast prototyping ideas.

game lab

We create different experiences in the game lab such as artistic expositors, interactive stories and also more traditional videogames, desktop and mobile ones.

brand identity

Simple and neat, we create identities to fit at our best your core values. We love to have a fresh and clean graphic sign.


We master a large variety of styles and we use the drawing not only as a mean of expression but also as way of studying and exploring solutions in our projects.


Be as three, act as one
Design is thinking made visual [Saul Bass]

Achievement Unlocked is a design experience team formed by Francesco Fontana, Nicholas Monacolli and Serena Liistro. Together we master the workflow of our project, from the concept to the digital or physical realization. We are a small team and that is our greatest strength, we work with perfect coordination and we sold interdisciplinary problems combining our skill sets.

  • Graphics

    From 2D to 3D we know how to visualize every project in the best fitting way.

  • Design

    The method is the core of our project. Design oriented problem solving is our way of thinking.

  • innovation

    We always look around for innovative solutions to common problems.

  • Fast Prototyping

    We are a unite small team, we are fast and neat.

the team

Divided we master a skill. Together we master the Project.
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Serena Liistro

Art Direction
Since I was a little girl I always wanted to express myself through drawings and illustration. Growing up I combined this passion with Design studies and Branding.
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Francesco Fontana

Game Design
Telling stories and building strong narrations is my main focus in every project. Game Design, in addiction, is the way I love the most in order to communicate in the best way.
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Nicholas Monacolli

3D Graphics
My interest for movies, videogames and creative works led me to the world of 3D graphics. Creating from the start what is just in my mind gives me the greatest satisfaction.

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